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Termite Matters are accredited installers of the

TERM-seal™ Termite Management Systems

Pre & Post Construction

Termite Matters has a termite protection solution for your construction of new homes, commercial buildings, or renovating an existing property. Permanent Protection with only one treatment, whether you are a builder, developer or owner builder you are required to install a termite protection barrier during construction. Termite Matters offer termite and damp-proofing solutions for all new & existing buildings. With an extensive range of building design styles, we can provide termite protection to protect your new construction. We utilise five primary products, that with their combined use, create an uninterrupted termite barrier.

Termite water-proofing backfill walls
Damp-Course & Termite Water-proofing Solutions
Concrete Slab Termite Penetration Protection
Multi-Purpose Termite Protection Coatings & Sealants
Ant Capping Systems containing Termite Control Agents
Active Perimeter Systems We haven’t found a building that we can’t protect.

Expert Termite and Pest Control Service

We are a team of pest professionals, dedicated to the service of our industry. Pest Management extends far beyond a can of bug spray and we have the potential to bring a new level of professionalism and understanding of pest management to our customers. It is our aim to meet the highest expectations of the public and our peers. Termite Matters offer a range of pest control services for your home. Covering all aspects including:

    Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections
    Pre Construction Termite & White Ant barriers
    Termite Treatments & Baiting
    General Pest Control of Cockroaches

Pest Management

We employ the latest in pest control technology and education to ensure we can provide accurate advice and quality service. We use effective pest solutions that have minimal impact on the environment and provide safe protection for you and your family.