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can offer a commercial inspection and treatment program designed specifically for your business to eliminate pests and target seasonal variations of particular pests.

Domestic Pest Control is recommended and required for the overall protection and safety of you family, pets and home.

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The Pests We Service


Our cockroach management program is a program prepared utilizing both a chemical and non-chemical approach, commonly known as Integrated Pest Management. Non chemical approach revolves around sanitation and hygiene such as keeping water and food stored away and frequent cleaning of kitchens & bathrooms etc.​

Chemical application usually involve the application of surface sprays, space sprays dusts and baits and traps. The specific method to eliminate cockroaches is determined by cockroach species, cockroach population and building construction.


Most species of ants are capable of nesting indoors in wall cavities, roof cavities cracks and crevices in cupboards etc. Ant control can be non-chemical or chemical or a combination of both. 

Chemical control varies according to situation and species but can typically involve a combination of:

  • Surface sprays
  • Dusts
  • Ant baits
  • Space sprays


Rodents can cause serious damage to timbers in housing, electrical wiring and personal property. There are a number of options when dealing with rodents. 

One or a combination of the following may be utilised;

  • Chemical Control (Baiting)
  • Rodent proofing
  • Trapping
  • Sanitation and hygiene


Effective flea control relies on the well-directed applications of chemicals and/or Insect growth regulators used in conjunction with procedures undertaken by the home owner to make the environment around and in their home less desirable for flea development and breeding.